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FAQ and Additional Info

What does the ticket cost cover?

The more people attend, the more we can plan.  But at minimum, the ticket will cover open bar, food, board games, and likely a DJ.  If enough people attend we're also considering a photo booth and maybe a live band.

What is the dress code?

Cocktail attire.  Believe it or not, we had a decent amount of requests to make it prom themed.  However, we wanted the event to be accessible to everyone, so let's keep it comfortable but elegant.

Since Block Party is a plant-based bar, will the meal be vegan?

Probably not!  We're still deciding on what food to serve, but we're not obligated to serve any specific food at the venue.  If you have any dietary requirements, there's a place to note that when you buy your tickets, and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone.

Why is the ticket cost so high?

We promise this is the best price we could find for an open bar (a popular request on the surveys), meal, and a venue fee.  This is not for profit in any way, and all money will be used to make this a killer event.

Who can come?

The more, the merrier!  Are you class of '02 or '04 and have a lot of friends from '03 you'd like to see?  Come through!  Did you attend South Pas in middle school but not High School?  Not a problem, come see all your old friends!  Bring your spouses, partners, and ride-or-die friends.  This is all about reconnecting and having a good time.

Why do the ticket prices increase over time?

Since we're creating an event from scratch, we need to raise funds for deposits on vendors, organize service providers, and it's helpful know our whole budget.  We don't have pre-existing funds -- we're just a couple of your '03 classmates who've come together to organize the reunion.  We've incentivized buying early to have a more accurate estimate of attendance.

Will there be tickets at the door?

No.  We just can't do anything useful with money collected at the door.  At that point, we will have already budgeted for everything and placed the catering order.

I'm not able to cover the entire price of the ticket.  Can I still come?

Yes!  We'd like everyone who wants to attend to be able to.  Just email and we can work something out.  Your info will remain confidential and just two of us on the committee will have details of anyone who's negotiated a subsidized ticket price.  
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Get your tickets!

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